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ProPixeler Pixel Controller PPC4


To explain how the PPC4 works, here is a draft version of the manual. Please note that I am still working on it. It may already answer some questions.

ppc-user-manual.pdf(Updated on 08-11-2023)

PPC Configurator

Unfortunately, it is currently not yet possible to configure the PPC from within xLights. For this purpose, a separate tool has been developed to allow configuration outside of xLights. This is the PPC Configurator. You can download it below. It is not necessary to install it. Simply extract the zip file and run it. (0.3.0)

Version 0.3.0 provides:

  • Turning DHCP on or off.
  • Manual configuration of a fixed IP.
  • With DHCP turned off, the PPC4 can handle 4000 pixels.
  • The PPC4 requires at least Firmware 2.1.0 in this case.

PPC4 Firmware

Below you can find the firmware for the PPC4. This is only necessary if there is newer firmware available; by default, the PPC4 is already delivered in a working state.

Update procedure:

  • Place the FWI file on an SD card. (:!: Please note that only one FWI file should be on the SD card at a time :!:)
  • Insert the SD card into the card reader on the PPC4.
  • Turn on the PPC4 while holding down the PRG button. (Or if the PPC4 is already on, press the reset button while holding down the PRG button.)
  • Release the PRG button and wait for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Within those 30 seconds, the PPC4 will reboot, and the PPC will be updated. You can check if the version has changed in the PPC configurator.

PPC4 Firmware:

PPC4 factory reset

If there is an issue and you want to reset the PPC4 to its factory settings, you can use the file provided below. Download the zip file, extract its contents, and place the file ending with “.fwi” onto an SD card. Ensure that this is the only file on the SD card with that extension. Insert the SD card into the PPC4 and follow the same procedure as you would for flashing new firmware.

All configurations will be erased, and the PPC4 will be reset to its default settings. The internal firmware will remain unchanged.

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